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Now you Can Have a Fantastic Strength and Overall Fitness “Even When you are at Home”  with our New..

Its Time to Make the Most Out of Corona Quarantine.

In Just 42 Days Your Fitness Level can Jump from Novice to Superfit.

Massive Variety of Workouts including 150+ Exercises.

Simple And Highly  Effective Way to keep you healthy and Fit.

Brief and Concise workouts.

Focused on All Components of Fitness > Strength , Stamina , Flexibility and Endurance.

Minimal Dependency.

✔ Can Be Done Anywhere Even While Traveling.

✔ They Save Time and Money.

No Need of Any types of Equipment or Gym Membership.

 ✔ Lots of Highly Beneficial Information on Fitness.

Strengthen Core and Improve Flexibility as Well.

✔ You can have Privacy for doing workouts.

Will Highly Boost your Energy Levels.

Interesting and  Enjoyable Workouts.

✔ Will Help You Get Back In Shape.

 ✔ Build Muscle Mass and which will Promote fat Loss.


Find Out Why all the Celebrities and Influencers are Absolutely RAVING about Home Workouts.

“You’re About to Discover How to Lose Weight the Easy Way. No Starving Yourself. No Vomit-Inducing Hard Exercise.

You Don’t Even Need to have any Equipment. Just follow this Simple and Highly Effective Home workout Program and Watch the Fat Disappear!” 

From – Aman Srivastava(NCSF Certified Personal Trainer)

To – Anyone Who is Interested in Living Longer.


You Can’t Fit into Your clothes….

You get Tired too often too Easily and…

You have a Never Ending Chronic Back Pain.


Or Maybe this lock down has put a Stop to your

Fitness Routine and you have already Started to lose shape.


Looking at the Present  Situation of COVID-19 Virus Pandemic,

We all need to stay at home At Least for the next 1-2 Months. 


Research proves that Dependency and Lack of Time is One of the Major Reasons that People Quit Fitness or are not Consistent with their Routine.


You Must be thinking ,

What if i  am a  Beginner and have Zero  Workout Experience ?

Guess What ?

Not a Problem at All ! Because I think what I have to offer

…might be really Helpful to you as Well.


“Any movement is better than no movement.” 

 And i Hope You get what I want to say…


I know that you have  Wordy, Preachy and Boring Workouts

that you have lost Interest In.

Actually I am Quite Confused why Gyms and Fitness Clubs

are not Paying Attention to this Aspect, Why? 

….Oh yes Who Cares? They got their Money Already!


“ It’s the consistency that matters. Not the place.. or the intensity “


What if i told you that……


……you no longer have to be the Victim of Dependency on Equipments or Some facility…

…….you no longer have to deal with the same old Boring Routine that you don’t love.


What I told you that you no longer have to wait for Months to see Results and Transformation in you.